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Personal. Not Transactional.

What differentiates us from the hundreds of other such firms is our laser-like focus on building long-term business relationships with our clients. We treat their business problems and staffing needs as our very own. That’s good business. That’s LCI.

In 1988, Larry Lawinger was leading a small group of independent developers at a client when he founded LCI. “By pooling our skills and experience, we found that we could provide the highest level of IT support and development services available.” Since then LCI has grown to more than 175 employees - and that mission of excellent service remains.

LCI has extremely low staff turnover.  That’s because we carefully select employees, ensure they’re challenged, and strive to treat them as well as we treat our clients. We think that’s only right. We also understand that a low-turnover rate is critical to consistently delivering high-quality service and meeting our clients’ budget goals.

LCI’s employees hail from countries across the country and the globe. We work with candidates during the hiring process and try to accommodate their needs - not only during the hiring process but after being hired as well. 

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Larry Lawinger, CEO

Phone: 763-496-6990

JoAnn Lawinger.jpg
JoAnn Lawinger, CFO

Phone: 763-425-6164

Brian Hallman .jpg
Brian Hallman, VP Business Development

Phone: 763-425-1141

Jeff Stothart.jpg
Jeff Stothart, VP Technology

Phone: 763-425-9284

Jessica Hammer.jpg
Jessica Hammer, HR

Phone: 763-496-6984

Jason Lawinger.jpg
Jason Lawinger, Director of Business Development

Phone: 763-425-7567

Cody Lawinger.jpg
Cody Lawinger, Sr. Account Manager

Phone: 763-425-1091

Jeremy Lawinger.jpg
Jeremy Lawinger, Principal Technology Solutions Engineer

Phone: 763-425-5352


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