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We offer hardware, operating system, and application support for Sun's reliable Sparc. We offer support for Solaris / SunOS versions 1 / 4.1 through 10/ 5.10 (officially out of support January 2021), and current, officially supported versions 11.1 /5.11 through 11.3 / 5.11.

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Emulation via the Stromasys Charon-SSP product may also be a viable option for your Sparc servers. Contact us to discuss if migrating to Charon-SSP is a viable option for your environment. 


We provide adjustable levels of support so you can choose a cost-effective option that best fits the needs of your environment as well as your budget.  We can also assist with analyzing your current costs so that you can get an objective view of potential savings. 

Contact us to discuss your needs.

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