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Use the Charon emulator from Stromasys to extend the life of your critical legacy applications.


Charon will allow you to move your legacy applications from aging hardware to AWS, Azure, Oracle, or Google Cloud, to a local VM based environment, or to dedicated x86 based hardware residing in your data center.

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  • Improve application uptime by reducing the unplanned downtime risk associated with running on aging hardware.
  • Extend the life of your critical applications.
  • Improve application performance.
  • Save money as opposed to very costly and time-consuming full application migration, which requires application rewrites, user training, etc.
  • Improve business continuity by running in a modern environment.
A migration to Charon requires no application changes. The applications continue to run, unchanged, on the new host system. The user experience is the same and the business processes are kept intact. 

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LCI is a Certified Stromasys Partner and has successfully completed dozens of migrations. When you partner with LCI for your Charon migration you receive:

  • Assistance with acquisition of cloud environment or new hardware if desired.

  • Installation of Charon Software on new host.

  • Migration of applications/data to new host.

  • Parallel operation during validation phase and assistance with testing if desired.

  • On-going support or managed services as needed.



Contact us for more information and to see if your HP-UX, MPE/iX, or Sparc Systems are candidates for Charon Migration.


Stromasys and Charon are registered trademarks of Stromasys, Inc.

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