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Our software Project Managers (PM) play a critical role in the successful delivery of all but the most basic projects. LCI PMs typically get engaged early in the project and are closely involved through implementation. 

With most organizations now employing some sort of Agile approach to systems development, LCI's PMs are experts with the iterative nature of the Agile methodology. Often our PMs play the role of Scrum Master and therefore are responsible for Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning, conducting the Daily Scrum, as well as running the Sprint Retrospective meeting. 

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LCI PMs are there to make sure that the project scope is delivered and quality standards met all within the agreed-upon timeframe and cost. Our PMs work with the project team to capture risks, identify mitigation plans, report project health, manage stakeholder expectations, and facilitate adjustments to scope, budget, and timelines so that the project is considered a success. 

LCI Business Analysts (BAs) play a critical role in any development effort. They identify key stakeholders of the project, facilitate discussions with business owners to identify and model your business processes and validate them, identify key business drivers and objectives, and elicit business requirements that align with those objectives. 

LCI BAs need to be strong Agile practitioners as well. They work closely with system architects to identify and document a solution. This documentation is critical for not only the various stakeholders on the project but for future enhancements to the system as well. Our BAs are equipped with the ability to write use case studies, process flows, and other appropriate business specification artifacts. 

Lastly, the BA supports the design, development, quality assurance, and maintenance teams throughout the software development life cycle by answering questions about your business, the system , and the requirements. 

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