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LCI leads the migration effort to move Hoya Vision Care off its legacy hardware onto modern hardware using the Stromasys Emulator.


When Hoya Vision Care purchased the Prescription Safety Eyeware division from 3M Company, they were faced with multiple challenges. The enterprise application for PSE was running on two PA-RISC based HP3000's running MPE/iX 6.0, and they needed to find the best way to migrate those servers to their own data center. In addition to that challenge, they were working with a short timeline, and with a go-live date that could not be changed.

LCI was asked to provide and execute a plan to migrate the servers and the applications to the Hoya data center. 


LCI led an effort to analyze the application environment in detail and develop a migration plan. it was decided that the best solution was to migrate the MPE/iX environment to the Stromasys Charon-PAR emulator using modern hardware running the Linux operating system. Data was securely copied to the new MPE/iX environments, application changes were made, and testing in pre-migration mode was completed. Go-live day activities included refreshing the data from the physical server environment and testing the application in the new environment. 

LCI worked closely with several Hoya Vision Care and 3M groups and the Stromasys support group for the configuration, migration, testing, and implementation of the new environment. 


LCI successfully led the effort to migrate the servers and applications to the Charon-PAR environment by the designated date. The new environment ensures that the applications will be viable far into the future. 

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