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3M Company Selects LCI to manage MPE/iX environment.


3M Company was running many mission critical applications on multiple HP3000's. The management and support for the servers and applications were being handled by 3M employees within multiple groups. When 3M leadership made the decision to migrate all applications to SAP, 3M wanted to transition their application support groups and system administrators to the SAP migration project. 


Since LCI had successfully overseen other areas using a managed service model, 3M asked LCI for a proposal to manage the MPE/iX application support and system administration tasks as a managed service.

Key points of the proposal were:

  • LCI would work with and have periodic meetings with a 3M contact in the infrastructure group, and a 3M contact in the application group to get project assignments, discuss project statuses, review issues, etc.

  • LCI would be tied into the 3M incident management system and would be contacted directly when assistance was needed.

  • 3M and LCI would meet periodically to review service metrics.

  • LCI is responsible for staffing the service.

  • 3M and LCI would work together on a knowledge transfer and transition plan.

  • There would be one monthly fee for the service. 


3M hired LCI to manage the MPE/iX environment. This enabled 3M to transition their internal MPE/iX application support groups and system administrators to the SAP project, where they could use their skills to contribute to a successful SAP migration. 

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