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LCI leads the effort to migrate Verizon off its legacy HP9000 hardware onto modern hardware using the Stromasys emulator and WMware.


Verizon Communications Inc. was running mission critical applications on multiple PA-RISC based HP9000 servers running HP-UX. Faced with downtime related to aging hardware and diminishing vendor support, Verizon looked at various options and decided to migrate to the Charon-PAR emulator from Stromasys.


LCI worked closely with the Verizon infrastructure, application, Linux and Stromasys suuport groups for the configuration, migration, testing, and implementation of the new environment. 

LCI created a copy of the physical servers on the Charon-PAR environment and worked with the application / Oracle support groups to assist with the application configuration changed needed to test on the new environment. 

Go-live day activities included refreshing the data from the physical server environment and testing the applications on the new environment.


LCI successfully migrated the servers and applications to the Charon-PAR environment, increasing uptime for Verizon's mission critical applications. Since the environment runs on company standard technology, the environment can now be supported internally by Verizon staff. 

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